The following abstracts have been accepted for presentation during IWDSP 2021:

  • A lower bound for sequentially placing boxes at the moving assembly line to minimize walking time (Helmut A. Sedding)
  • An exact algorithm for a two-machine time-dependent scheduling problem (Weronika Skowrońska, Stanisław Gawiejnowicz)
  • Consideration of routine losses due to intermittent production in flow shop scheduling (Frederik Ostermeier)
  • Heuristic algorithms for solving hard scheduling problems with positional penalties and controllable processing times (Baruch Mor, Dvir Shabtay, Liron Yedidsion)
  • New results in time-dependent open shop scheduling (Stanisław Gawiejnowicz, Marta Kolińska)
  • On the complexity of conditional DAG scheduling (Alberto Marchetti-Spaccamela, Nicole Megow, Jens Schloeter, Martin Skutella, Leen Stougie)
  • Robust discrete relative problems: A local search algorithm (Prabha Sharma, Diptesh Ghosh, Sandeep Singh)
  • Scheduling dynamic dual-criticality, non-preemptive systems using RL agents (Nourhan Sakr, Youssef Hussien, Karim Farid)
  • Scheduling in data gathering networks with variable communication speed and a processing stage (Joanna Berlińska, Baruch Mor)
  • Scheduling with periodic availability constraints to minimize makespan (Lishi Yu, Zhiyi Tan)
  • Single machine scheduling with step-learning (Baruch Mor, Gur Mosheiov)
  • Two-agent scheduling with position-dependent processing time and rejection (Xiaowen Song, Cuixia Miao, Xiaoxu Song)

The final form of accepted abstracts can be found here.


There is planned a special issue of the Journal of Scheduling devoted to IWDSP 2021. Detailed information on the issue are given in Call for Papers.

An open journal Algorithms offers the publication of 2 papers presented at the IWDSP 2021 workshop free of charge. Potential authors are asked to contact with the Chair of the workshop (e-mail: stgawiej@amu.edu.pl).